SSC Board Challenge Process 2018

SSC Board ChallengeSSC Result is most important part of Secondary education certificate. After the publication of SSC Result 2018, it’s very important to board challenge for few students. SSC Board challenge if formerly SSC Rescrutiny. The student who is searching for board challenge method now. If you need an application for SSC board challenge  2018 or rescrutiny 2018 then this post is for you. Keep reading to get board challenge methods. Here I am describing first to last of SSC Board challenge process 2018.

Why SSC Board Challenge?

SSC Examinee is very excited about their result. Its pleasure for students to get the result and a happy moment after getting SSC Examination Result. They struggled in the exam hall and now they got their result. But also there is another news that everybody is not happy today. Some of the students do not get their result as they want. Unfortunately, some student gets failed in the exam result. Also, some student gets their marks lower than they wished. If something went wrong with examination paper check then you have a chance to rescrutiny application.

Don’t worry, here I will show all the application process of rescrutiny or board challenge. As we know our Board authority check all the exam paper very carefully. But it’s true that some time went wrong with exam paper check. So if you have confidence that you are worthy to get number than present than you can apply for board challenge. Unfortunately, you got failed in the exam but you are not worthy of this failed status then you can apply for board challenge. So all students who did not get their desired number or got failed but they have still confidence to change their result or number then you can apply for SSC Rescrutiny or Board challenge 2018.

SSC Board Challenge/Rescrutiny 2018

SSC Board Challenge application will start 7th May 2018 and will be continued to 13 March 2018. You have to complete your application process within this timeframe. Also, I recommend Pay the application fee within 24 hours of application completion. You will get a confirmation message of your board challenge/Rescrutiny application.

  • Application Start Date: 7 May 2018
  • Application End Date: 13 May 2018

SSC Board Challenge Process

SSC Board challenge is also known as Khata challenge or Khata Recheck. We know that if we apply for board challenge then all the Khata or exam paper will recheck by our board authority. Here I am showing methods of Board challenge application. If you are worthy of Application then you can start the process. Before proceeding to know the eligibility for this rescrutiny or board challenge.

  1. Unfortunately, you got failed in the SSC Examination Result 2018
  2. You have not got your expected result

If any requirements match with you then start the board challenge process. To start the board challenge or rescrutiny process you need Bangladeshi Teletal Mobile operator sim. You can process this without Teletalk Sim. You have to enough credit in mobile to pay the fee of application. Fees are described below. You need to proceed Board challenge application by SMS. Follow the SMS Format carefully and input the information correctly.

First Message

“RSC<space>First Three Letter of Board Name<space>Roll No<Space>Subject Code” and send to 16222

For General Education Board: RSC<space>DHA<space>10345<space>123 and send to 16222

Second Message

In reply, you will get an SMS which will let you know how much application money will be charged and a PIN number will be given to you through SMS for confirmation. If you agree to give TK. 125, Go to message option and type

RSC<space>YES<space>PIN number<space>Contact Number” and send to 16222

Example: RSC YES 654321 01710000000” and send to 16222 That subject has two papers (e.g. Bangla and English) application will be under the one subject code. For Bangla and English the application fee will be charged TK. 250. Use your all subject code by using (,) comma. See Image below for more information.

SSC Board Challenge

Note: SMS charge may apply so keep enough credit in mobile balance.

SSC Board Challenge

If you feel any trouble to complete the application or have any question please let me know by commenting below.

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102 thoughts on “SSC Board Challenge Process 2018

    1. Teletalk SMS er maddomei apnake pay korte hobe. 2nd SMS send korlei apanr charge kete nibe jodi apnar mobile jothesto balance/credit thake.

    1. 2nd SMS bolte kon ta bujassen? 1st Sep naki 2nd step? apni abar valo kore SMS method sompurno porun.

  1. I have challenged for bangla. I have sent the second message with the pin code. But no confirmation msg was sent after the second message.

    1. Apnar mobile theke ki Balance/charge kete newa hoise? Onek somoy confirmation msg derite ashe.

    1. vai..amio banglar jnno sms dici jekhne code 101 dici but 125 tk katbe bltce jekhane 250 takar kotha..sub code ki alada likhte hbe nki?

    1. Massage Majhe Majhe derite ashe. Tobe apni duita sim e check korte paren. Je Teletalk diye payment koresen ebong je contact number diyesen. Jodi contact number e SMS na ashe tahole Teletalk Sim e ashbe, Jeta diya apply koresen.

  2. Sir,, I have sent second sms,,, balance kete niyece….. but no confirmation sms,,,,, application ta ki hoice? akhon ki korte pari….

    1. Don’t be disappointed. Sometimes it happens this. Also, check the Teletalk sim that you used for the application.

  3. 2 ta cllng r jonno 2 ta massage kore falsi kono prb hobe?
    *1st er ta phn e nd dokan e success massage ashse.
    *2nd req e Dokan r phn e tracking no nd success ashse bt amr phn e success massage ashenai.
    ekn ki kora jay ?

    1. Jodi Teletalk sim e succes dekhai tahole somossa nai. ar apnake kisu kortew hobe na. Apnar cahile oi 2nd succes msg ta apnar phone e forward kore niye rakhte paren.

  4. 2 ta subj r jnw 2 ta sms dsi bt 2nd sms tar success massage painai kn. 1st r ta dokan+amr phn e paisi.2nd ta only mdokan e success massage ashse amar phn e ashenai.

    1. Apni ekbarei sms korte parten. Apnar teletlk sim er msg check korun jeta diye apply koresen.

  5. I want to challenge in two subject.
    I need to know if i have send two individual messages or I can challenge two subjects in one message.
    P.S:I want to challenge both Chemistry and English.

    1. There is no information such as your query. You can follow the Image of SMS method to better understand that attached in this post.

      1. 07/05/2018 at 8:28 PM
        Korsi oitay success and trcking no ashse bt cntck nmbr jta use korsi 2nd bar oitay massage ashenai

  6. চ্যালেঞ্জ করে মার্ক না বেড়ে যদি কমে এই বিষয়ে জানতে চাই

  7. Ami 4ta sub ekshatha korsi…bhoi hochche shobguloi dekhbe toh? And comfirmation o ashshe tk o nise

    1. Contact number e na ahlew cholbe. Apni apnar Teletalk sim check koren asha kori sekhane confirmation msg paben.

      1. Jei point ase taa dia ki admission apply korte paarbo naa ki, amar board challenge koraar por jei point asbe sei result dia apply korte hobe

  8. vaiya ami board challenge koreci but akhonto charge o pin soho 1ta sms asar kotha tato 20 minit holo tobuo astecena keno???

  9. Can I apply more than two subject in one message…? Will application charge cost from my balance..?

  10. Viya ami prothom bar er message ta sofol hoisay kintu ditio bar jokhon onno bisoy er jonno message patisi r kono replay assay na kno? Ditio bar message patisi paray 30 minute agay…

    1. Number kombe na. Tobe apnar confidence jodi thake je apni number aro beshi paben taholei apply korben.

  11. 1st Confirm Massage not reply, but, next try confirm massage registration no problem or how charge

  12. 1 subject er odhik subject er jonno challange korte chaile kivabe korbo?
    ek sathe ki ekadik subject challange kora jai (jodi jai tahole kivabe korbo)? naki protiti subject er jonno alada alada vabe sms korte hoi?

  13. Vaiya 2 potrer jnno ki 1 ta code dibo naki 2 ta code dibo..akta code use krle boltece 125 tk katbe..but 2 ta code use krle bltece 250 tk lgbe..akhon ki krbo?

  14. ami 4ta subject a korsi.second sms por akhno taka kete nei nai.amar account a 560taka ase..aman keno hoche plz reply????

    1. Apni proper way te try korle success howar kotha but jodi kono error dekhai ba taka na kate seta server busy/problem thakar karone hote pare. Apni Phone e kotha bolte paren tader sathe.

  15. চ্যালেঞ্জ জানানোর পরে কি যতাযত সময়ে (প্রথম পার্যায়ে) কলেজের ভর্তি ফর্ম নিতে পারবে??
    যারা চ্যালেঞ্জ করেছে তাদের রেজাল্ট পরে দে তাহলে যে কলেজের ফর্ম নেওয়া হয়েছে ঐ কলেজের সিট খালি না থাকলে কি গ্রহন যোগ্য হবে নাকি

  16. Vai ami 3 sub ekbare sms korte chai,,,,kmne korbo ,,ektu example dye bolen ,,,,tahole vlo bujbo??plz help me

  17. Ami sunlam rajshahi board e naki challange r time e ar khata khulei dekha hoina. challange e expected ba right result ta ase na. eta ki sotti??

    1. Result khub beshi ekta change hoi na, kenona first time khata to valo vabei dekhe tai onekei eisob vul kotha bole thake.

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